MUSIC INDIE INTERVIEW WITH Brooklyn, NY-Based Rapper, Chris 5iv3


Interview by Isaac Davis, JR, MA, MBA

Answers by Chris 5iv3

We are excited to bring to our readers our newest spotlight with The Brooklyn, NY-Based Rapper Chris 5iv3. This new artist is crafting lyrical storytelling through the style of drill music. He paints a vivid graphic depiction of life lessons that will enlighten and entertain like minds alike. Here is what was formulated from our online encounter.

Isaac: What’s your background? What got you into making music? 

Chris 5iv3: I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican. What got me into making music was my bros; my following 5iv3 members, Sheemy Billz and Tye Milano. They were already making music then; that’s when we all started making music. But as of right now, I’m more on the drill music, but I got some other stuff in my notes.

Isaac: How long has music been a part of your life?  

Chris 5iv3: Music has always been a part of my life, but I would say making music started at the beginning of 2021 when I was featured in the track Angels by Sheemy Billz.

Isaac: If it wasn’t for music, where would you be now?  

Chris 5iv3: If it weren’t for music, I’d probably be dead or in jail, nah, I’m playing, I don’t know; I feel like it is too early to say yeah, it’s been almost a year, but it feels like a few weeks.

Isaac: How did you come to realize that music was the way forward for you?

Chris 5iv3: I realized that music was a way for me when I knew I loved making music and everybody loved hearing my music. I get on the game with friends; they’re rapping my lyrics. I link up with people I know who’re playing my song, dancing, and smiling.

Isaac: If you had to sacrifice one skill, which would you least like to let go, and why?  

Chris 5iv3: The skill I wouldn’t like to sacrifice is my skill to see the potential in things before even starting; it’s been a lot of times where I couldn’t get something the first time or the second time, but I know how good the final result is going to be so I keep trying, and it comes out good.

Isaac: How are your biggest influences in music right now? What does their music mean to you as an artist?  

Chris 5iv3: My most significant influence in music right now, I would say, is Rod Wave. His gift to just put everything one feels on a beat is crazy since HG2 from Tomorrow to Thug love and another influence. I would say it is Kay Flock cause he’s from the hood, the BX. I’m from Brooklyn, and we are both descended from a Spanish background.

He’s going crazy with the drill scene right now, and he’s just proof that a person is coming from a place similar to where one’s coming from, doing what one does and doing big things. Rod Wave’s music, someone else feels how one feels and has been through what one has been through, so keep going and hold your head up. Kay Flock’s music is doing the same type of music as someone else that’s making it far right now, so why can’t others make it far too.

Photo Provided by Chris 5iv3

Isaac: How would you describe your style of music?  

Chris 5iv3: New York drill. 

Isaac: In what way do you aim to make a difference?  

Chris 5iv3: Giving back to my community when I get to put on I’m starting to see my community get gentrified, and I would like to help stop that.

Isaac: Who’s your fashion icon, and why? 

Chris 5iv3: Fashion icon, I would have to say A$AP Rocky. Some of his outfits I look at and think to myself like, “that’s fire; he has a different but good taste in fashion.”

Isaac: What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?  

Chris 5iv3: No Comment.

Isaac: Where is your career heading? What’s the vision?  

Chris 5iv3: Heading up as I said, I only just started, but my vision is to be as big as Jay Z.

Isaac: How do you put words to paper? What’s your creative process like? 

Chris 5iv3: I play a beat, let the beat play like two times, start freestyling on the beat for my first two bars, and add on from there.

Isaac: When it comes to performing, what’s your style?  

Chris 5iv3: I like to get hype, lit, and turned up. I don’t need a hype man; I get it lit by myself.

Isaac: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  

Chris 5iv3: If I could perform anywhere, it would have to be Madison Square Garden. I got to it’s only fitting.

Isaac: What’s your favorite project so far, and why? 

Chris 5iv3: I’m working on my first project right now, so it’s the most favorite by default.

Isaac: How do you see your sound evolving in the next couple of years?  

Chris 5iv3: I see myself evolving into an all-around artist, so I see my music growing from drill.

Isaac: What makes you different from other rappers in the industry?  

Chris 5iv3: When I get up and become big, that’s not the end for me; the goal and dream are much more significant.

Isaac: Who are your biggest musical influences? Would you say you’re at all like them?  

Chris 5iv3: My most considerable musical influence is 2Pac; the vision is a little like trying to bring change.

Isaac: When driving, is there a particular track that has you blasting the stereo with the windows down?

Chris 5iv3: Rod Wave!

Isaac: Which artists do you think you would harmonize best with?  

Chris 5iv3: No one!

Isaac: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?  

Chris 5iv3: If I could collaborate with an artist, I would say Bizzy Banks & or Kay Flock both are mad nice in drill music sense my top two if you ask me. 

Isaac: If you had to switch bodies with another artist, who would it be and why?  

Chris 5iv3: If I could switch bodies with an artist, I would change with Drake and turn up all day; Drake has a lot of ties, so it’s lit.

Isaac: Shameless plug time; promote yourself…

Chris 5iv3: You can follow my Instagram @chris_5iv3 and tap into my SoundCloud at Chris 5iv3.

Isaac: Final thoughts…

Chris 5iv3: I want to say thank you for having me, and I got some new music on the way.

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