An Interview with Raine Leggett, an Up-and-Coming New Writer


by Isaac Davis, JR, MA, MBA

Answers provided by Raine Leggett

Raine Leggett

It is a privilege and a source of great excitement for us to highlight one of our very own contributors to our online magazine. Raine Leggett is an up-and-coming, thrilling, and an exhilarating new writer who will undoubtedly add enthusiasm to the field. She has just released her first novel, East Sol: The Sector with the Brightest Sun, published on Amazon Kindle. It has garnered laudatory remarks from critics and is a phenomenally promising beginning for the new author. During this interview, we will learn more about Raine and her mission to share her ideas with the general public through the skilled and vibrant writing that she creates.

Isaac: How much time do you spend writing a book?

Raine: When I started, it took me 5 hours to write a chapter. I had the “where do I begin?” look at my blank page. Figuring it out took some time. As I got into a rhythm, I spent 11 hours a day writing. A bulk of my book East Sol was written then. However, that took out my back. So now I limit it to three to five hours.

Isaac: What kind of working hours do you have when writing?

Raine: I try to keep the hours to no more than seven. Writing can be so engrossing, but any more than that can be a bit tiring. So, thinking of that, I cap it.

Isaac: What do you think is your unique writing style?

Raine: I write in a clear, concise style. It’s a bit old and straightforward to read. It delivers a story in a manner that doesn’t distract.

Isaac: How do books get published?

Raine: Books are published via self-platform or the Query Market. It is a big decision to make early where you want your book published. I choose self-platform first. I am aiming to have them traditionally published as it is still a dream of mine.

Isaac: Where do you find the data or inspiration for your books?

Raine: Reading and Daydreaming. Those have helped me mold my style and inspirations. I also like to look at animation. It is a passion of mine. When I find something suitable, I can’t help but run off and create something.

Isaac: When and how old were you when you wrote your first book?

Raine: 32. I started the story back in February 2019. It was just the prologue. I put it down for five months, then picked it up again in July. The first chapter took five hours to write. By October that year, I had finished the first draft. On and off, between health concerns, I spent a total of 3 years.

Isaac: What do you enjoy doing besides writing?

Raine: Music and games. Music saved my life. When I had my mental health struggle, I listened to dubstep and electric music to keep my mind busy. An excellent relaxing time is JAZZ music. I love it so much. Many games I played inspired me over the years in the story. I love RPGs. The interactive nature of the game is so fun.

Isaac: What do your relatives think of your writing?

Raine: They are proud of me. It is something I’ve been passionate about. Hearing my niece say it is cool I am writing and seeing my nephew inspired made me so happy.

Isaac: What was one of the most unexpected lessons you discovered while writing your books?

Raine: It might be how I publish. The indie market is the easiest way to get it out. However, costs can get high. If I could do it over again, I would have tried to publish that previously published traditionally is still an obstacle to overcome with changing to traditional.

Isaac: How many novels have you authored? Which one do you prefer?

Raine: I have written one novel and a novella. I prefer my book, East Sol, as it is still enjoyable to experience.

East Sol The Sector with the Brightest Sun

Isaac: Do you have any advice for me to improve as a writer? What are they, if so?

Raine: The only thing I can think of is careful of redundancy. I used to accidentally same the same thing at least twice in one way or the other. Avoiding repeating myself made the quality easy to read and not repetitively.


Instead of: She sat herself, practically bouncing in excitement. It is so exciting.

It’s: She sat to herself, practically bouncing. It is so exciting

Isaac: Do you frequently hear from your readers? What sort of statements do they make?

Raine: Yes. I frequently share writings and stories. They claim they are beautiful. I’ve also seen praises like a talented writer or passionate.

Isaac: Do you enjoy writing books for older readers?

Raine: Yes. My book East Sol is geared toward the New Adult audience. It keeps the sexiness of the romance, yet the tameness is intact too.

Isaac: What qualities do you believe constitute an excellent narrative?

Raine: How well does the character fit in? The story is essentially for them. Where do they end? How are they when it is over? If the characters have been advanced or completed in some way, that constitutes an excellent narrative in my book.

Isaac: What did you envision doing when you grew up?

Raine: I’ve always wanted to be a music composer or writer. I loved both and still do. Of course, I’m writing now. I love it.

Isaac: When did you first determine you wanted to be a writer?

Raine: I’ve always loved writing. It’s been something I have wanted to pursue for a long time. I finally decided to go for it at the age of 28.

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